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Your Dental Career

How to Develop your Career in Dentistry

Watch Dr. Janine Brookes talk about her latest book on careers in dentistry.

New Book

Read a sample chapter, here

“What a fantastic book! It covers such a wide range of topics but in bite size digestible chunks. What a useful book for final year BDS and vocational trainees... Hope the Universities and Deaneries can add it to their reading lists.” 
–Reena Patel, dentist

Career choices for dental professionals have never been tougher.

It’s vital you have a development plan, to -

  • Make a positive impact through your CV & covering letter
  • Keep up to date with new developments
  • Meet your professional development requirements
  • Demonstrate your business acumen

The UK GDC requires verifiable CPD in four domains:

  1. Management & Leadership
  2. Communication
  3. Knowledge and Skill
  4. Professional

How we can help

The Dental Coaching Academy provides career development for dental professionals, business and leadership development through

  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Verifiable online learning

We specialize in the people skills you need to be successful:

  • Managing others well
  • Better patient relationships
  • Promoting your business

We work with business owners to develop their practice and dental professionals to improve the way they lead and manage. We deliver 1:1 and team coaching services, coaching skills training, leadership and communications training for the dental team. We support people to improve their CVs, succeed at interview and grow their careers.

Register for your free career development resources here.

  • Your Personal Development Plan
  • Your 30 minute career growth coaching session

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