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Reflective Learning

We all make mistakes, all the time, most days. That’s not the point. Do you learn from your mistakes, or do you just go on repeating the same old ways, making the same mistake many times over?

Mistakes are rarely the problem, it’s not learning from them that is.

Dr. Janine Brooks will be your guide for this stream.

DEC Reflective Practice CLC  

The aim of the Reflective Learning Stream is to introduce the development of reflective learning and to help you understand about learning styles. It will include models of reflection that you can use when carrying out reflection.

In course 1: we’ll look at how reflective practice began, how it has developed and how we can use it and what it means to be a reflective dental professional today.

In course 2: we’ll introduce learning styles, particularly the work of David Kolb, as well as an introduction to the contributions of Piaget, Dewey and Lewin to experiential learning. You’ll learn about the ways you prefer to learn, your learning style or styles and what’s important about this for your professional development.

In course 3: Gibbs – the basics; initially adopted by nursing, it has spread throughout healthcare as a way to aid reflection.

In course 4: Honey and Mumford - the basics; you’ll explore the learning styles work of Honey and Mumford. We will think about the strengths and weaknesses of each style and develop your appreciation for your own preferred learning styles.

In course 5: VARK/VAK - the basics; you‘ll learn about representational systems and in particular Fleming’s model known as VARK.

In course 6: Going deeper - you'll begin to explore going deeper with your reflective learning. You'll learn how to think and write in a more reflective style.

In course 7: Team Reflection - this course will look at using reflection within the dental team rather than an individual activity

In course 8: Ethics in Reflection – here we will think about how reflective practice can help when dealing with ethical dilemma's in practice.

In course 9: Reflection in Poor Performance - we'll consider the place of reflective practice when dealing with poor performance

In course 10: Critical Reflection – in this course we will explore critical thinking and how this adds to reflection and reflective learning

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