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Gone are the days when people were taught that “Communications is a 2-way process”. DEc Communication Stream Cloud

In today’s era of global, almost instant, communications, our messages are reaching out exponentially.

Gone too, are the days of being able to control the impact of the message. In today’s world we can control what we put out, and hope to influence others – but what they do with that message is beyond anyone’s control – as the national Governments are finding to their cost.

It’s a myth too that there’s such a thing as a distinction between ‘internal’ and ‘external’ communications – given the leakage and flow between our personal, work and public lives.

Given today’s environment, we’re going to look at what good communications look like – whether in person, over the phone, written or on video

We’ll consider the implications for the message, the channel, the audience of each step, and help you to communicate better as a result

What this stream covers:

Module 1: understanding communications. The purpose of this stream is to support you to review what you already know about communications and what works.

Module 2: The steps of successful communications - consider the sequence of communications –Look at what might be happening at each step and why it’s important to include this step

Module 3: Everyday Feedback – when we can get more comfortable in giving and receiving feedback performance rises and confidence grows. We’ll explore feedback models and propose a simple step by step model for better communications.

Module 4: Organisation-wide communications. Sometimes known as ‘internal communications’ this module looks at how the communications team works with the HR team to support managers engage staff better.

Module 5: Digital communications. This module will explore today’s digital media and how websites, social media such as facebook and twitter, or direct text messaging, can support customer-facing communications.

Module 6: Direct communications. This module will look at the 5 principles of communicating directly with people through the ‘5 Ps’ of direct engagement

Module 7: “Credibility, liking, transparency and trust” How communications need to build authentic relationships with people, whether in person or at a distance.

Module 8: Consistent messaging. How to build better relationships through branding and consistency.

Module 9: Building partnerships. Using positive communications techniques to build better partnerships with others – at personal and organisational levels

Module 10: Communicating well at a distance. How to build better relationships with people from other cultures, in other buildings, departments and countries by avoiding common pitfalls.

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