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Mentoring is more than just an opportunity to ‘give back’ to others by supporting and guiding them in their careers – it has a clear practical use in the induction process for new starters.

Practice benefits include:

  • Improved performance: improved personal effectiveness
  • Time and money saved: improved productivity
  • Better risk management: experience fewer critical or Health & Safety incidents
  • Motivate people: improved employee engagement, reduced sickness and absenteeism
DEC Mentoring

Mentors also have the satisfaction of knowing that they’ve played a key role in developing others and helping them achieve their goals and ambitions.

I’m Dr. Janine Brooks and I will be your guide for this stream.

We’ll be looking at the benefits of mentoring to team and individual development; establishing the mentoring relationship within an ethical framework; self-awareness and self-management in the mentoring relationship. We’ll also look at the difference between the ‘mentoring’ and ‘coaching’ relationships.

In course 1: Foundation – this course will introduce mentoring and what it can achieve for the mentor, the mentee, the practice (or organisation) and patients. You will also learn more about the difference between mentoring and other interventions, how to match mentor with mentee and the skills that are needed when mentoring another person.

In course 2: Mentoring Conversations - we’ll introduce you to mentoring conversations; how to create the right environment for successful mentoring; and how to use questions to get the most out of mentoring.

In course 3: Creating a Learning Environment – this course will introduce you to the work of Maslow and how to develop an effective context for mentoring.

In course 4: Self Awareness and Self Management – we will explore aspects of individuals to deepen insight and a greater awareness. Johari’s window will be introduced.

In course 5: Ethical Frameworks: it’s important that the mentoring relationship is built on an ethical foundation. This course will introduce you to some ethical issues.

In course 6: Shaping the Mentoring Relationship - this course will think through what underpins the mentoring relationship and how that differs from coaching or other interventions.

In course 7: Mentoring in Teams – we’ll consider the use of mentoring within teams and how this can built more effective team working.

In course 8: Models and Tools for good mentoring – this course will introduce you to the skilled helper model developed by Gerard Egan and consider other tools that can help build good mentoring.

In course 9: The mentoring dental professional – we’ll think about the personal skills and qualities that underpin good mentoring and help you to be a better mentor.

In course 10: Being a mentee – this course will consider what a mentee wants, what they really, really want.

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