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If one thing is consistent about leadership over the last thirty years, it’s that it has a greater importance in organisation and business success than ever before.


Because the pace of change has increased; the world of work is getting ever more complex – and it’s ever-more dynamic. All this complexity and change is speeding up.

I’m Helen Caton-Hughes and I will be your guide for this stream.

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This stream will start you thinking about your personal leadership styles, and the behaviours you need to display, as a leader, inside your organisation. This is not about your job title, technical skills or seniority – it’s about the core skills you need to use to get the best from yourself and others.

Each course stands alone, although I would suggest you start at the beginning – after that, it’s easier to dip into the specific leadership topic that appeals to you.

In course 1 - What we mean by ‘leadership’: we’ll look at; definitions of transactional and transformational leadership; the notion of Inspirational Leadership and why good leadership – in all these forms - is important. We’ll also look at what’s known as the ‘psychological contract’ between employers and staff.

In course 2 - Three modes of leadership: we’ll cover the ‘what’, the ‘how’ and the ‘who’. What leaders do, how they do it best, and who they are – in their character – to best achieve all this. We’ll also explore the visible and invisible modes. It may seem easier to focus on visible actions and outcomes, than invisible skills and competences – but we’ll explore the impact the invisible modes have on everyday success.

In course 3, ‘employee engagement’ we’ll focus on a way of thinking that’s closely linked to organizational success. We’ll look at what is meant by engagement; the Four Enablers and the Four Barriers to engagement; how to give developmental feedback; examples of the evidence for engaging leadership and the link between engaging leadership and organisational success.

In courses 4-10 we’ll explore 6 models that support Effective & Inspirational Leadership 

In course 4, we’ll cover the High-performing Leadership Behaviours first identified by Prof. Harry Schroder. These are fundamental behaviours that we all need to develop as leaders.

In course 5, we’ll look at the thinking behind Strengths-based Leadership, first developed by the Gallup Organisation. This is particularly useful for team development and understanding how to harness diversity for success.

In course 6, we’ll look at developing Emotional Intelligence in leaders, based on the work of Daniel Goleman. Emotional Intelligence supports better relationships, improves our sphere of influence and, fundamentally, helps us understand ourselves better.

In course 7, we’ll explore how effective leaders take a Whole Systems overview. This course looks at the model created by Ken Wilbur, and how we can apply that thinking, even in the most complex situations.

In course 8, we’ll look at the thinking behind Transformational Leadership (Burns, Bass, Yuki). Defined as achieving far-reaching change by involving, supporting and encouraging others to experience personal buy-in.

In course 9, we’ll cover the work of Joseph Campbell in Leadership: a hero’s journey. You may never have heard of Campbell, but you’ll certainly be familiar with the film he most famously inspired: Star Wars.

In course 10, we’ll bring it all together by explore Goleman’s Leadership Styles and combining the models to develop YOUR approach to leadership

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